Turning Customers into Unofficial Unpaid Spokespeople!

Keynote Speaker

It's All About the Experience

Turning Customers into Unofficial Unpaid Spokespeople!

With his keynote presentation, “It’s All About the Experience,” Rocco, through his personal stories and humor, explains the importance of creating the customer experience and the vital role employees have when it comes to building customer loyalty.

Casino Workshop

Controlling Negativity

Learning to deal with Negativity at Home, at Work…and in your Head!

When employees become negative, they are easily distracted, their desire and motivation fades, become less creative and productive, and their attitude and behavior becomes poor. With his Keynote/Workshop, Rocco shows employees several ways to deal with negativity in a more positive, productive, and entertaining way.

Guest Experience

The Customer Experience

How to Engage, Interact and Connect with Customers and Guests

Rocco’s Customer Experience Standards training program will teach and inspire your employees to engage, interact and connect with your customers at a higher level.  Your staff will want to go above and beyond normal customer service expectations.